I am moving

Hi there!
Many things have happened since October 25th 2005, as I started this blog just to see what a blog was about. What was only some kind of experiment in order to advertise a net project turned into something more personal, a part of me. This has become a space where I can express myself without any limits, my own Universe.
After my first 244 drawings, I have decided to take a further step by moving my blog to a new site, where they are shown in a bigger size, giving me more flexibility. So far there have been daily postings, followed by long breaks, and all this time many people have visited Universo Pamp, where the best thing by far are the comments inspired by my drawings. In this regard, I should mention Dabid y Natalia Gürtner, whose stories have turned some simple scribbles into something much more profound.
I also would like to thank Blogger for the great service they have provided :D
Universo Pamp continues at http://universo.pamp.es/
The new RSS channel is http://feeds.feedburner.com/pamp/jvqy

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